Inventions in New Brunswick

  • Back in 1839, scuba tanks were invented by James Elliot and Alexander McAvity of Saint John.
  • John E. Turnbull from Saint John created the clothes washer with roller wringer in 1843.
  • In 1845, Benjamin F. Tibbets of Fredericton invented the compound steam engine.
  • The first Snowblower was invented by Robert Carr Harris of Dalhousie in 1870.
  • Combined hot and cold water faucets were invented by Thomas Campbell of Saint John in 1880.
  • Ganong Brothers Ltd. was the first to produce lollipops in Canada in 1895.
  • The dump-box for trucks was invented by Robert T. Mawhinney of Saint John in 1920.
  • Crossword game created by Edward R. MacDonald of Shediac in 1926. The game was similar to and predated the game Scrabble.
  • Sardine Cans were designed by Henry T. Austin of Blacks Harbour in 1932.

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