Discover New Brunswick Beaches – Crow Island Beach – Little Dipper Harbour, NB

Crow Island Beach

New Brunswick Beaches are so much fun to explore. Discover New Brunswick Beaches with us, like Crow Island Beach – Little Dipper Harbour, NB. We found this beach on the same day we visited Black Beach in Lorneville, NB. We decided to explore the coastline further. Check out Crow Island Beach and Discover New Brunswick Beaches.

We had the morning to tour the region, so we headed back out to highway 1 from Lorneville and turned back off the highway at the Musquash Nature Reserve (there is a trail from that side that will take you on a hike into Black Beach as well). Without looking at the phone, for Google maps advice, we simply drove. You can see here, that the route was partially through marshland, wooded areas, and coastal.

New Brunswick Beaches Crow Island
Looking back towards our parked car at the end of Crow Island Rd. (Crow Island Beach – Little Dipper Harbour, NB)

There is room to park your vehicle and also turn around to go back out the road after. You can see our silver vehicle parked above.

Who doesn’t love a foggy morning of beach exploring? (Crow Island Beach – Discover New Brunswick Beaches)

This beach is at the end of a narrow lane, you will have to turn around at the beach to exit. It is rocky and there is plenty of room to explore, throw pebbles, find sea glass, climb boulders and my oldest son went out to the little island with the trees. It was low tide when we were there, and foggy. Our favourite beachcombing weather!

Bo loves exploring New Bruswick Beaches with us! (Crow Island Beach – Discover New Brunswick Beaches)


  • We found the beach to be clean and free of garbage.
  • There are no facilities at this beach.
  • It is easily accessed by way of the road, and as you see above, there is a parking lot at the end of Crow Island Road with room to turn around and park. 
  • There is a hiking trail not far from this beach at the Belding’s Reef Nature Preserve.


Located just a 30-minute drive south of Saint John, this is a great day trip. Even if coming from as far as Moncton (2 hours) or Fredericton (1 hour and 30 mins), you could plan more stops along the way are enjoy some beachcombing. There are many coastal beaches located along the shoreline in this area, so keep your eyes open and stop and enjoy.

Please respect any private property or nature reserve areas.

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