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Inside: Our #StopToSeeNB, two-night mom, son, and dog- visit to Bathurst, New Brunswick. Sharing what we didwhere we ate, and where we stayed. Originally published on our sister site

Stop #4 in our series “#StopToSeeNB – Visiting Hometowns In New Brunswick”, is Bathurst, New Brunswick. Bathurst is located on the northern shores of New Brunswick on the Chaleur Bay.

This visit was sponsored by Tourism Chaleur. We also had suggestions and help planning from Pauline at La Prominade Waterfront tourism centre.

With this blog series, we are on a journey to share some of the reasons we love New Brunswick, why we are proud to be from here, and it is a way to instill a sense of belonging in our children.  We are a family of 4, Ruth Ann (me), Doug (my husband), Lorne (17 yrs), and Clayton (7 yrs), and traveling most of the time with our dog Bo. We will highlight the things we saw and did,  where we ate, and where we stayed in each place we visit.

This trip was a little different. It was a Mom & Son trip, with Bo as well. So, Clayton, Bo, and myself hit the road in late August, for the two and a half hour drive from Moncton to Bathurst, NB.

Let’s start with the benches. I love a good art installation, like the Salmon in Saint John or the doors in Richibucto, so I noticed the benches in Bathurst right away. I honestly could have walked around town all day photographing them, but Bo and Clayton would not have enjoyed that as much. So I snapped a few pics to share, they were beautiful!

Below is an overview of what we did, and additional suggestions that we did not have time to visit. I will also admit that no matter how much you plan to see and do, plans can change on a dime and often vary when traveling with children ♥ 

What we did in Bathurst, NB

BEACHES – There are so many options and we managed to visit a few while on our visit.

Youghall Beach Park

This beach was our early morning beach to enjoy the fresh air (it was a very windy few days while we were there) and have an early morning walk. It offers a boardwalk giving you many access points to the beautiful sandy beach. 

During the summer season, you will find a canteen, washrooms, beach volleyball courts, an outdoor theatre, and a children’s park & playground area. 

Youghall Beach, Bathurst
Playground at Youghall Beach, Bathurst
Youghall Beach, Bathurst
Youghall Beach, Bathurst
Youghall Beach Park
Pokeshaw Beach

 This beach was a short drive from Bathurst along the coast. We loved this beach. There is a small parking lot down at the beach level. At low tide, you can walk along the beach towards Pokeshaw Rock, home to a cormorant colony, or the other direction toward cliffs with many interesting rocks and formations. 

It was a very windy day, and the waves were rolling in with force. On a calmer day, I could imagine spending hours here enjoying the views and beach.

Pokeshaw Beach
Pokeshaw Beach
Pokeshaw Beach
Beresford Beach

 This beach in Beresford, just 5 minutes from our hotel, was lovely. We visited one evening for a little walk. It was very cold and windy the few days we were in the area, so no swimming or sitting for long. The air on the water is always welcome, no matter the temperature though. 

There was a lovely beach, playground, bathroom facilities, and a boardwalk to stroll over the marshes.

Pabineau Falls 

Looking back, I would have picked up a picnic lunch and spent more time here.  We headed inland to Pabineau Falls the second day of our visit. It was warm and not windy there.

We didn’t explore as far as I would have liked, but it was so lovely. The water was flowing, although many people told us the water was very low this summer, and more of the rocks were exposed. We followed a trail a little ways along the water, climbed down onto the rocks in a few places. It was a great location for all of us, easy enough for Clayton and Bo to navigate their footing and I was lugging my cameras with me on this trip too.

Pabineau Falls
Clayton & Bo exploring Pabineau Falls
Pabineau Falls
Daly Point  Nature Reserve

We stopped at Daly Point Nature Reserve on our way back from Pokeshaw Beach. We walked along a short mainly birch forest trail. There were informative signs about wildlife and fauna along the way. Although the park offers many trails, we opted for a quick walk to a lookout and back. After a long day exploring the Chaleur region, Clayton was exhausted, and when traveling with children, we often have to change or alter our plans. We will be back and check out more of Daly Point on our next visit. It would be the perfect spot to bring a picnic and hike all the coastal and inland trails.

Look Off at Daly Point  Nature Reserve
Burch trees line this trail at Daly Point  Nature Reserve
Where We Ate in Bathurst, NB:

Big D Drive-In 
Big D is a drive-in fast food restaurant. They offer curbside service & take-away orders, perfect for a quick bite on the road or when traveling with pets and kids! Conveniently located at 2035 St Peter Ave, in Bathurst.

Big D in Bathurst

The service was excellent, when you drive up, you put on your 4 way lights and they come to your window to take your order. This was a flash from the past! I recall a few restaurants doing this when I was a child. Clayton really enjoyed this experience as well.

I asked the waitress to recommend something for a newbie to Big D, and she suggested the Danny Burger. We actually ate here on two occasions this trip, as we were so busy exploring beaches and trails that we would lose track of time and need to pick up our meals on the go. 

Clayton enjoyed their chicken strips and fries, while I tried the Danny Burger and the Fried Clams. All the food was great, the Danny Burger is a must-try for visitors, amazing sauce! 

Danny’s Restaurant
Breakfasts at the hotel are included in your stay, but Danny’s also offers a restaurant right on-site for dine-in or room service meal options.

Pabineau Seafood Restaurant
This community-based, licensed restaurant serves lobster roll, clams, haddock (fish & chip) shrimp, crab rolls that are always fresh. Open from May to early September.

Restaurant 748
Licensed family-style restaurant offering breakfast, lunch, and supper options.  This is a great option for family dining.

L’igloo Ice Cream Shop
One evening Clayton wanted to get a treat, so we stopped at L’igloo for a treat. Clayton enjoyed an ice cream while I had this lovely Lemon Citrus and Mixed Berry gelato.

Confiserie Andrea Confectionery
This was a little gem that one of our readers, Stephanie, made sure we knew about!

Craft Breweries

As you have probably noticed, if you follow our social channels, we love a good craft beer. We often seek out and visit the local breweries as we travel.

On this trip, Tourism Chaleur gifted us this to bring home. Doug and I sampled and enjoyed the brews from Four Rivers Brewery and 13 Barrels Brewing.

Where we stayed in Bathurst, NB: 
Danny’s Hotel

Located within a 10-minute drive from beaches or downtown Bathurst, you will find comfort, beautiful and spacious grounds, welcoming staff, activities for all ages, and dog-friendly accommodations at Danny’s.

We had a spacious and very comfortable room that accommodated our large dog crate, for the few times we went out and had to leave Bo in our room.

We were fortunate to chat with long time staff Catherine and Krista (mother and daughter) who gave us insights on things to do. They also encouraged Clayton to check out the heated pool! 

It was a very cold few days in Bathurst, but nothing would stop Clayton from taking a dip in the heated pool.

Catherine, working front desk daytime and security at night had been living on-site since COVID-19 state of emergency was implemented in New Brunswick. She loves her work and it truly shows in her enthusiasm and knowledge she passes along to guests.

I look forward to another visit with the whole family and would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the area.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Chaleur region, it is perfect for outdoor fun with kids and dogs. Traveling as a solo parent and dog owner was easy with so many outdoor options to keep us busy.

Proof that we were very active while in the Chaleur region…a tuckered out pup at the hotel in the evenings!

Another trip is definitely on my radar to continue exploring and share this beauty with the rest of the family. 

Next time we will plan to visit the local breweries, more restaurants and learn more of the region’s history through museums and guided tours. If you are planning to visit the Chaleur Region, check out their tourism site.


The blog series #StopToSeeNB started in the summer of 2019. It is focusing on the reasons to stop, stay, shop, and eat in New Brunswick. We are featuring family-friendly and dog-friendly travel destinations in Hometowns across New Brunswick, Canada. This is an ongoing series that will feature destinations during various seasons and of varying sizes. From villages & towns to islands and cities, we want to share all that New Brunswick has to offer. Contact us if you are interested in having your hometown featured.

Sponsored Travel may include (all or in part) accommodations, meals, and expenses. All opinions and experiences are our own. We, at Our New Brunswick, will only partner with destinations and businesses we feel fit our audience and brand. This blog post was originally published on our sister site

This blog series, #StopToSeeNB, is focusing on the reasons to stop, stay, shop and eat in New Brunswick. We are featuring family-friendly and dog-friendly travel destinations in Hometowns across New Brunswick, Canada. This is an ongoing series that will feature destinations during various seasons and of varying sizes. From villages & towns to islands and cities, we want to share all that New Brunswick has to offer. Contact us if you are interested in having your hometown featured.

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